COVID-19 Made Us Do It

Like many of you, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were not able to buy masks anywhere, so we decided to make our own. Our friends needed them, our family needed them, and we needed them so instead of ordering them online in hopes that they would arrive in time, we decided to make fun custom masks adorned with some of our favorite characters like The Flinstones, Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Pinup Girls, Dogtown, and many others to fit our colorful personalities. We're now extending our humble creations to you at an affordable price.


Our masks are machine washable, double layered, lined with interface inside as an extra filter, with parachute chord ear loops, and they all feature colorful fabrics and characters that remind us of better times! Each mask is unique, no two masks will ever be alike. 


Let's continue to value life and protect those who are the most vulnerable during this time! We're in this together!

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